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Breakfast with Monks & Tigers

1 Day Tiger Temple Tour & Bridge on the River Kwai Code: TM


05:00 :: Pick up from your Bangkok hotel
07:00 :: Kanchanaburi Market shopping for Monks Breakfast around 300 Baht each
07:30 :: Breakfast with the Monks
08:00 :: Prepare Tigers for showering and feeding
09.00 :: Walk the Tigers Down into the Canyon for their morning excersise
10:00 :: Bottle feed and assist in special Cub training.
11:00 :: Back to wish the Monks farwell &leave temple before insane tourists arrive
11:30 :: Next to Veterinarian Home who takes care of the Tigers
12:00 :: Lunch at Veterinarian Home.Can watch movies of the Tiger Temple and experience some Thai Natural Home Products for sale.
Other Options: leave for Wang Po: NEW Elephants, Enjoy Swimming Bathing and jungle river trekking with elephants 1000 Baht each, Or just elephants Riding 500 Baht each. | Feed Wild Monkeys | River Rafting 300B | Kaset Cave now Buddha Cave used as POW’s Hospital ww2 | View Railway Trestle Bridge clinging to cliff face
03:30 :: Back to Kanchanaburi walk over the Death Railway Bridge.
04:30 :: Leave Kanchanaburi Province for Bangkok.

Package Rate

2 Persons: B3,600 ec

3 to 4 pax: B2,550 ec

5 to 6 pax: B2,100 ec

7 to 8 pax: B1,750ec

9 to 99+pax: B1,650 ec